Fellows overview 2020


Fellows at CARVE, an innovative educational program designed specifically for vascular surgery and interventional radiology and cardiology Fellows. Held in conjunction with the CARVE conference, Fellows at CARVE brings all of the insights and interactivity of CARVE to Fellows in training. The program entails lectures, panel discussions, debates, networking opportunities, a technology exhibition showcase, and “The Best and The Worst” Case Competition. 


The Minneapolis Radiology and Vascular Research Foundation is proud to partner with industry organizations to offer this unique program. Industry support is critical and enables up to 25 applicants the opportunity to attend Fellows at CARVE program by providing travel allowance and lodging. For more information visit CARVE 2019 Prospectus and  Exhibitor Application to apply.


This is an invitation-only program for Fellows in training in the fields of vascular surgery, interventional radiology, and interventional cardiology, plus senior-level vascular surgery residents. A demographically diverse group of approximately 25 Fellows will be invited to participate in the program based on applications submitted by December 15, 2019. Apply for this innovative educational program including 3 nights lodging and travel allowance 



This program features lectures supplemented with expert panel discussions, debates, and networking opportunities to allow interactive learning and an in-depth understanding of the program’s core concepts.


Exhibitors have the unique opportunity to showcase their innovations during a technology exhibition with extensive one-on-one with Fellows. Fellows will be encouraged to interact with all exhibitors.

  • At the beginning of the technology exhibition, each Fellows will be given a “report card” that can be stamped by booth representatives after completion of booth activities. The report card serves as an incentive to encourage Fellows to visit with all exhibitors
  • In a structured fashion, Fellows will rotate to each booth where they will have exposure to featured devices and technology
  • each rotation will last approximately 10 minutes
  • At the completion of the exhibition, all completed “report cards” will be entered into a drawing for a prize



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